Materials Design

I've co-authored the lesson scheme and projects for Bloomers 1 level based on the book series Guess What by CUP and the Plus Courses named Cooking, both the teen and the kids version, and Bookclub.

I have co-authored the Student Book, Workbook and Teacher's Guide from Explorers 1 and 2, and Finders 1.

I've created a scheme of work for an ESP course in the area of Tourism and Hotels.


I've proofread the following book series: Cult Junior (4-book series), Cult Teen Plus (4-book series), Interaction and Educopedia (4-book series), Just Talk (4-book series), Stories with Stacey (Green), Say it! (5-book series), Zip from Zog (5-book series), New Interlink 6, Edify Booklet, Leadership & Talent, My first Storybook 2, Curious Percy. I have also done proofreading and copyediting of games.

Co-responsible for proofreading and editing updated versions of the books Tech Team 1 and 2, Connect 1 and 2, Challenge 1 and 2, Leadership 1 and 2, and Build Up.


Areas: fiction, children fiction, textbooks, abstracts, summaries, texts in the area of Fashion Design, Jewelry, Law, Teaching and Human Sciences area.