C1 for teachers

If you are an English teacher with a B2 level of English and you wish to study to sit a C1 proficiency exam for a reduced price, I am willing to help you. Read this page and apply below.

Course: C1 for English Teachers - Online - 2020.1

Deadline for application: February 26, 2020.

Course starts: March 1, 2020.

Motivation for the project

For years, I've been waiting for the right moment to give back to the community and after long thought I was inspired to do so by helping teachers develop their English skills. Many teachers are B2 speakers of English and wish to develop their language skills but face all kinds of difficulties to do so.

Why a reduced price?

I have been working with exam prep for several years now, and gathering the language and skills to pass at an exam and to teach for a certain exam require lots of time, effort and dedication, it is only fair to offer a spot to those who are truly interested in achieving the goal of sitting for a C1 proficiency exam. This course is aimed at people who want to develop their language skills and are ready to put in the effort and dedication but cannot afford to do so. I believe we value more the opportunities that require some kind of financial investment and, with this course, students will pay a small fee to split the fares to keep it going and only that.

The selection process

The application form requires you to write a composition detailing the reasons you want to join the course and some other questions about your study and teaching background. I can only offer 6 (six) spots this semester because of my own time constraints. Based on your compositions, I will select the six students and contact them by email. Applicants who are not selected at this moment will be part of the waiting list and will have priority to enter the course along the year. Applications will be received until February 26 and the course will start March 1.

How will the course work?

The course will be held at the Google Classroom platform and will consist of guided study amounting to 3 (three) hours per week dedication, covering the C1 proficiency exams, the four skills and authentic material to help you become C1 speakers of English.

Students will be required to read texts, watch videos, write assignments, participate in forums, do online tasks and sit for mock tests. As all participants will be English teachers, texts and discussions will also involve subjects related to Education, such as approaches and methodologies, classroom management, and learning preferences.

Participants who consistently fail to deliver tasks may be asked to pause the course and return at a later date and pass the turn for the next person in the waiting list.

Apply now using the form below: